question everything. about raising your childrenWhen I was growing up, raising kids was a lot easier in some ways.  Most people had a mom, a dad and kids.  Mom and Dad loved each-other and tried to create a stable environment for the children to grow up.

Discipline was not a problem.  If a child got out of line, they got punished…corporal-like.  That means a good lickin’ where I grew-up.  I come from the northeast where parents “lick” their kids.  I’m not talking about Mom coming at us with her tongue, but with her hand, belt, your Hot-Wheels track, or anything else she could get her hands on.  And Dad?  He just came after us.  We didn’t take time to see what he had, we ran.  I think he enjoyed the chase and when he caught up with us, we were sorry.

I live in the deep south now and the terminology is different.  In “these parts” a licking is called a beating.  A beating is called, “Tear you up!”  And child abuse is called, “Wear you out!!!”  Mamma and Daddy will elongate the syllables of those last two and if a “youg-en'” has ever experienced them, that would be sufficient to stop him in his tracks.

Now, corporal punishment is almost illegal.  You can’t smack a child in public for fear of someone calling the police and having you arrested.  That’s what happens when politicians get involved in family matters.  I know a single mom whose teenage daughter told her that if she hits her, she’ll call the police.  Mom tossed her the phone and said, “Call them right now, because I want them to see me wearing you out when they arrive!”

Proper discipline is key to raising a child to be successful in these days.  It’s important to let a child know that your word means something.  This brings respect and if children don’t respect their parents, they won’t love them.  Years ago, an older woman told me that her and her eight siblings walked all over their mother, but knew their father’s word was law.  She said, “We hated Mamma, but we loved Daddy.”  Now, I knew that they really didn’t hate their mother, but she was emphasizing the contrast.  The difference in how they treated their parents was based on respect.  They respected their father, but not their mother.

Parents are soft on children in the 21st century and it shows.  They grow up without a sense of responsibility and when the enter the workplace, all they want to do is collect a paycheck and do as little as possible.  They get into more trouble with the law and have more children out of wedlock.  They have no concept of boundaries and the whole universe revolves around “Me.”

It’s ironic that Baby-Boomers were called the “Me Generation.”  This generation of kids is called, “Gen-Xers.”  A generation with no identity searching for someone to tell them who they are.  A generation of youth so fixed on Self will be adults with no sense of purpose.  Young adults with no sense of purpose will live with their parents long into their twenty’s and not contribute to society.  Parents who do not take the time to train and hold their kids accountable will have their grown offspring around for a long time…or at least until they go to prison!

Let’s face it folks we live in a world where we just don’t know who to trust.  I was speaking with a friend of mine the other day, he owns a background screening service.  The story he tells would chill you to the bone.  His service just last week uncovered a child molester that was working for a business in Birmingham,  this individual had slipped by the previous screening company.  You just never know what our citizens  have to overcome in this strange world.

I don’t mean to be so negative.  Better safe than sorry  To be continued…